$500 Retainer

By Bryan A. Chapman, Esquire

Conventional wisdom says workplace discrimination cases are difficult to prove because the acts of discrimination are subtle. As a result, victims of workplace discrimination generally have to pay thousands of dollars to retain an attorney.

For people of color, workplace discrimination may not be subtle but blatant and even violent. Supervisors and co-workers assume that these victims will not complain or will not be believed.

Many people of color, with textbook cases, have a difficult time finding an attorney. Some of these cases are compelling and could lead to sizable settlements. Nonetheless, attorneys are either not interested or require thousands of dollar in retainer.

Unfortunately, when a victim files an EEOC complaint, without the advice of an experienced attorney, the chances of their complaint being dismissed by EEOC is overwhelming.

Experienced attorneys, particularly those of color, should commit to helping these victims file EEOC complaints. For an initial $500 retainer, an experienced attorney could advise victims over the telephone and via e-mail in a manner similar to the way LegalZoom.com operates.

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